Daniela Clynes

Daniela clynes

Singer , songwriter & theatre performer.

"Gifted.....  angelic voiced jazz singer"  - Time Out London



Duncan Lamont at his birthday gig at London’s 606 Club gig 1/7/19 [ Photo © tonyday.tv ]

Duncan Lamont at his birthday gig at London’s 606 Club gig 1/7/19 [ Photo © tonyday.tv ]

Tributes and memories of Duncan Lamont, who very sadly passed away on 2/7/19:




Duncan’s homecoming gig in Greenock, Scotland 16/6/19 [Photos © tonyday.tv]


EPK for The Duncan Lamont Songbook show in Greenock, Scotland 16/6/19

[Filmed & edited by Tony Day © tonyday.tv]

Rehearsing at Duncan's.jpg

Rehearsing with Duncan Lamont and Duncan Lamont Jnr.

Learning new songs for the “Duncan Lamont Songbook” show with Duncan Lamont, and Duncan Lamont Jnr. (17/3/19)

Preparations for our trip to Scotland in June!



Daniela singing with nikki isles trio and ECLECTIC VOICES 2/3/19

Singing with Eclectic Voices, led by Scott Stroman; with the Nikki Isles Trio (featuring Steve Watts & Tim Giles) at St Paul’s Church, Covent Garden 2/3/19

Singing with Eclectic Voices, led by Scott Stroman; with the Nikki Isles Trio (featuring Steve Watts & Tim Giles) at St Paul’s Church, Covent Garden 2/3/19


Daniela will be singing with Eclectic Voices 2/3/19 at St Paul’s Church, London

Daniela will be singing with Eclectic Voices 2/3/19 at St Paul’s Church, London



Greenock poster.jpg

Daniela Clynes and Esther Bennett sing songs by songwriter & composer, Duncan Lamont; alongside the maestro playing saxophone and telling stories from his long music career.

Duncan Lamont Songbook show in Greenock, Scotland (Duncan’s childhood hometown)!

SUNDAY 16th JUNE 2019

Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock (near Glasgow)




606 Gig - band photo (27:1:19).JPG

Daniela, John Crawford (piano), Simon Little (bass), Tristan Banks (drums) & Guille Hill (guitar) performing at the 606 Jazz Club - Sunday 27th January 2019.

(Filmed & photographed by Tony Day)

Daniela's new 606 poster.jpg


Daniela’s gig with her Quartet at London’s famous 606 Jazz Club, with guest guitarist, Guille Hill.

Sunday lunchtime, 27th January 1.30pm

(doors open at 12.30pm)

90 Lots Road, Chelsea, London, SW10 0QD

Tel: 0207 352 5953


Going back in the studio soon!


Coming soon:

Daniela is about to record a few new songs written by veteran songwriter / composer, Duncan Lamont with Duncan Lamont Jnr. playing saxophone on the tracks.


A filmed interview with composer, songwriter, saxophonist, Duncan Lamont. Daniela asks him about his long and varied career in music.

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Videos & Photos


“Manhattan in the Rain”


By Duncan Lamont

“it’s always autumn”

By Duncan Lamont

Performed live at London’s Pizza Express Jazz Club (19/5/18)


By Paul McCartney

“still time”

Music by Anita Wardell; lyrics by Daniela Clynes



Daniela’s Quintet performing at London’s 606 Jazz Club 27/1/19

Daniela’s Quintet performing at London’s 606 Jazz Club 27/1/19

Singing with Eclectic Voices, led by Scott Stroman; with the Nikki Isles Trio (featuring Steve Watts & Tim Giles) at St Paul’s Church, Covent Garden 2/3/19

Singing with Eclectic Voices, led by Scott Stroman; with the Nikki Isles Trio (featuring Steve Watts & Tim Giles) at St Paul’s Church, Covent Garden 2/3/19

All the above videos and photos are by Tony Day: © tonyday.tv

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Born out of a collaboration with pianist John Crawford which revealed a shared mutual passion for Eastern European music, Latin American songs and the music of Duncan Lamont and Avishai Cohen;  Daniela’s new album Heart Dances is a project featuring Crawford as the constant force with three different rhythm sections plus soloists, in a mix of jazz and Latin styles and original material.

The tracks range from songs by Ivan Lins, Paul McCartney and Sting to 1930s Eastern European songs given new jazz arrangements;  and a Clynes original,  a collaboration with jazz singer Anita Wardell,  to a piece by bassist Avishai Cohen with original lyrics by Daniela.

Daniela formed a new band in 2010, which became the core group for the album’s jazz material; featuring the great saxophonist Iain Ballamy,  with Tom Mason on double bass and renowned jazz drummer Clark Tracey alongside John Crawford on piano.

For the songs by Ivan Lins, the updated Yiddish poem ‘Road Tree’ and the salsa-groove of ‘Blackbird’, Daniela brought in a rhythm section made up of some of the finest Latin American musicians based in London,  introduced to her by John.

Daniela’s version of Avishai Cohen’s ‘Etude’ became the catalyst for the formation of the third rhythm section with Mauritian bassist Linley Marthe, (who Daniela had wanted to work with since meeting him at Ronnie Scott’s club in 2004, where he was performing with Joe Zawinul), and  longtime friend, Ghanaian / British drummer Frankie Tontoh.   They also perform on a lyrical version of Sting's 'When We Dance'.

The finishing touches were added to some of the Latin tracks by the brass arrangements of great trumpeter Noel Langley,  with multi-flautist Gareth Lockrane.



  1. Hush Hush

    music & lyrics: Daniela Clynes

  2. An Occasional Man
    music:  Ralph Blane,  lyrics:  Hugh Martin

  3. Road Tree
    "Oyfn Veg Shteyt  A Boim"
    Yiddish poem:  Itzik Manger,  music:  folk  
    English lyrics:  Daniela Clynes   
    arr.  Liam Noble, D. Clynes,  John Crawford,  Noel Langley

  4. When We Dance
    music & lyrics: Sting

  5. Formigueiro
    Ivan Lins / Vitor Martins
    arr.  John Crawford

  6. Etude
    music: Avishai Cohen
    lyrics : Daniela Clynes
    arr. Frankie Tontoh,  Linley Marthe,  John Crawford
    brass arr.  Noel Langley

  7. Manhattan In The Rain
    music & lyrics: Duncan Lamont

  8. Desesperar, Jamais
    Ivan Lins / Vitor Martins
    arr.  John Crawford

  9. Springtime
     "Friling" Yiddish song:  Shimke Katzerginsky ,  Avreml Brodna
     English lyrics:  Daniela Clynes;  
    arr.  Liam Noble, D. Clynes

  10. Daisies
    "Margaritkelech" Yiddish folk song:  Zalman Zhnoer
    English lyrics: Daniela Clynes

  11. My Time Of Day / Blackbird
    music & lyrics: Frank Loesser  /  Lennon & McCartney
    arr.  John Crawford

  12. Still Time
    music: Anita Wardell,   lyrics:  Daniela Clynes


Daniela Clynes (voice)

John Crawford (piano)

Tom Mason (double bass)

Clark Tracey (drums)

Iain Ballamy (tenor sax)

Gili Lopes (double bass)

Tristan Banks (drums)

Guillermo Hill (guitars)

Andres Ticino (percussion)

Frankie Tontoh (drums)

Linley Marthe (electric bass)

Noel Langley (trumpet & flugelhorn)

Gareth Lockrane (flutes)

Russell Van Den Berg (soprano sax)

“Heart Dances” album recording sessions..… photos by Allan Titmuss and Curtis Schwartz.

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Daniela Clynes is a British vocalist who has worked extensively as a jazz singer, songwriter, theatre performer and radio presenter.

Daniela’s jazz collaborations include lyric writing for compositions by UK musicians /composers Django Bates & Iain Ballamy, Martin Hathaway, Anita Wardell, American guitarist Ron Affif and Israeli bass player Avishai Cohen.

She completed the Guildhall School of Music post-graduate jazz course, in the early 1990s, and her first quintet, formed with saxophonist, Martin Hathaway, led to a songwriting collaboration. She also led a ten piece fusion group featuring trumpeter Noel Langley and pianist Peter Churchill called Calumet, (with Roger Beaujolais-vibes, Ralph Salmins-drums, Pete Eckford-percussion and John Paricelli - guitar) for performances at the Barbican Centre, London UK.

During these early years in her career, Daniela made appearances as guest soloist with the Michael Garrick Ensemble, Eclectic Voices, and the London Jazz Orchestra.

Subsequently, she formed a jazz-cabaret band with Noel Langley and performed regularly at Pizza on the Park, London. In Jan/Feb 1999 Daniela's first 'live' album was recorded at this venue, featuring the unique talents of pianist Liam Noble, bass player Geoff Gascoyne and drummer Clark Tracey.

In 1996, Daniela originated the role of the 'American Wife' in the opera Hotel, written by award winning playwright Caryl Churchill and composer Orlando Gough. This Second Stride production, directed by Ian Spink, toured England and Germany over a two year period.

Shortly afterwards, Orlando Gough and Richard Chew created an eighteen piece a' capella vocal group The Shout, and Daniela was invited to join, alongside names such as Ian Shaw, Carol Grimes, Melanie Pappenheim, Michael Henry and Manikam Yogeswara. Daniela remained with The Shout through hugely successful seasons at London venues - the Drill Hall, BAC, Purcell Room, the National Portrait Gallery and the Roundhouse plus national tours and radio & television broadcasts. The group’s debut album Arrival was released in 2001.

Daniela created her first one-woman show, Childsplay, which ran at the Canal Cafe Theatre during the summer of 1995. Her subsequent show, Journey, was based on the true story of a woman's life from surviving the Warsaw Ghetto, escaping to Israel in 1950, and moving to England to begin a 'third life' in 1960. It featured James Pearson (piano) and Sam Burgess (bass) and premiered at the Pizza on the Park at the end of 2000, moving to the Kings Head Theatre, Islington in July 2001, where it was filmed.

In 2000, Daniela performed at the London Jazz Festival with her new quartet featuring Jonathan Gee (piano), Sam Burgess (bass) and Clark Tracey (drums), recording her first studio album 'Gentle Persuasion' with this band in 2001. Daniela then added horns and percussion tracks in a studio in Manhattan with some of New York’s finest musicians - Clark Gayton (trombone), Kenny Rampton (trumpet), Jay Collins (sax) and Eddie Bobè (Latin percussion).

This album launched in 2003,  and Daniela promoted it in jazz clubs around London and the UK for the next couple of years.

Relocating to New York in 2005, Daniela spent three years collaborating, performing and writing with US-based jazz and Brazilian musicians, returning to Europe to perform in Madrid, Amsterdam and London (Pizza Express, Soho, The Vortex and 606 jazz clubs).

Since moving back to London, Daniela spent five years co-presenting, and performing on, a regular programme of jazz on BBC Radio South; alongside veteran radio DJ Roger ‘Twiggy’ Day.

Now Daniela is performing regularly with her own London based band; and also singing a selection of songs for the “Duncan Lamont Songbook”, alongside singer Esther Bennett, with the great jazz composer / songwriter, Duncan Lamont, playing and telling amazing stories from his seven decades in the music industry.

Daniela has teamed up with her partner, film maker Tony Day, to make some music videos for songs on her new album; and live recordings of performances at Pizza Express Jazz Club, and other London venues.





Duncan Lamont’s Birthday Gig

featuring Tina May, Esther Bennett & Daniela Clynes

Monday 1st July 8.30pm

606 Jazz Club,

90 Lots Road,

Chelsea, London, SW10 0QD


DUNCAN LAMONT SONGBOOK show with Duncan Lamont, Daniela Clynes, Esther Bennett & Duncan Lamont Jnr.

Sunday 16th June

Beacon Arts Centre,

Custom House Quay 
Greenock,  Scotland
PA15 1HJ 

01475 723 723



Daniela singing in Eclectic Voices with Nicki Isles Trio


St Paul’s Church,

Covent Garden, London, WC2E


Daniela’s Quartet at London’s famous 606 Jazz Club

Sunday lunchtime, 27th January 1.30pm

(doors open at 12.30pm)

90 Lots Road, Chelsea, London, SW10 0QD

Tel: 0207 352 5953

£10 music charge


Daniela's new 606 poster.jpg



Monday 22nd October 8pm

Concert Artistes Association variety evening

The Club for Acts & Actors, 20 Bedford St, London, WC2E 9HP





"Gifted.....  angelic voiced jazz singer"  - Time Out London

“Gentle Persuasion” (Album)

London-based singer Daniela Clynes launches her own label with this sometimes soulful, often ecstatic, always highly musical and imaginative collection of songs, recorded in London and New York during 2001. 

The amount of discs by young British singers that drop through my letterbox grows by the day (luckily I'm moving house in the next few weeks) and sadly the majority of them trot out rote arrangements of the same handful of standards. Even a casual glance at Clynes's set-list suggested that I was in for something more promising - "Kineret"? Not heard of that before. "The Midnight Sun" by Lionel Hampton and Johnny Mercer? Haven't come across that for years. "In The Wee Small Hours" and "Lover Come Back To Me"? 

Fair enough because it's in the context of such interesting and unusual material, and it's great to see Clynes's generous nod towards the contemporary British jazz scene with tunes by Iain Ballamy and Django Bates, and by Kenny Wheeler. 

Of course none of the above would matter if she couldn't sing, but Clynes's ability to fuse a resourceful technique with her own distinctive sense of 'this is me' is clear from the opening track. "Kineret" - as it turns out - is an ancient Jewish tune that Clynes has decked out with a sonorous brass arrangement and a driving rhythmic groove that, because of the tune's modal tendencies, sounds surprisingly Coltrane-like. Jonanthan Gee picks up on similar vibes with a solo that evokes McCoy Tyner, and throughout Clynes soars elegantly above the ensemble, intoning the rising contours of the tune with operatic panache. "Gentle Persuasion" is the theme by Bates and Ballamy to which Clynes has added her own lyric, and the track shows a more playful and wry side to her musical persona than the barnstormer opening. Clynes's lyric is a charming piece of nonsense verse, reminiscent of Edward Lear, about a bird and a child who fly off into the sky together. She decorates the original line with deftly handled bird-like trills and puckish decorative turns that get underpinned by skittish figurations and spiky Latin percussion lines from the ensemble. 

Of the standard material, "Lover Come Back To Me" is especially impressive, with Clynes incorporating adroitly borrowed Mark Murphyisms and a hearty belly-laugh into the flow. "Child Of Man" is intelligent pop, while the moody brass of Clark Gayton's arrangement for "The Midnight Sun" places Clynes in a knowingly cod-1930s setting. However, Clynes leaves her most profound statement to last. "Farewell" is a touching ballad to lost love, and Clynes's mournful yet optimistic lyric is given added piquancy by a strangely contorted chromatic melodic line. 

I reckon that ballad performances couldn't come much more honest than this, and this valedictory track ends an extraordinarily assured debut with an emotional blast. 

Philip Clark

(Jazz Review magazine)

Musician magazine June 2004

The phenomenon of the enormous explosion of really talented singers (mostly female) in the past few years who operate in the area of jazz, or at least music which is pretty close to it, has been remarked on many times. The competition is enormous, not least for space in the pages of Musician, and this is by way of saying sorry to the following who I have not been able to accomodate with a full-on review when the album first appeared. 

Daniela Clynes "Gentle Persuasion"

A really classy production with Jonathan Gee, Sam Burgess and Clark Tracey and some overdubbed brass & percussion recorded in New York. Daniela moves outside the usual repertiore into Hebrew nuanced music as well as Latin tinged tracks and a Stevie Smith poem set to music by Kenny Wheeler. 

Brian Blain

(Musician magazine)


“Gentle Persuasion” album launch gig at London’s 606 Jazz Club (2004)

Daniela Clynes had a lot of fun with her CD launch the other night. She invited a whole bunch of guys down who appeared on her excellent album, which meant that we not only had various horn sections, but also some very good backing vocalists popped up as well. It really was fun seeing her “mix and match” the musicians, and of course the grand finale featured everyone, which involved around 10 musicians and singers. Great stuff.

(606 Club Newsletter)


This collection of specially arranged songs for the hugely listenable voice of Daniela Clynes serves as an excellent introduction to her eclectic, yet highly intelligent fusing of Broadway, Jazz and Pop. 

From the beginning, Clyne's love of words is apparent. Never too theatrical, just when you think she's as English as tea and cakes Clynes trips the light mid - Atlantic. 

'The Nearness of You' hints at early Streisand and with her beautifully controlled head voice Clynes teases the cadences, improving and holding back the reigns to make way for a stunning re-harmonised workout of the written melody from her accompanist Liam Noble. 

The duo format continues with 'Child Of Man' a folky playground setting of Noa's lyrics. Refreshingly sans vibrato Clynes reading of these moving sentiments indeed illustrates "a song as beautiful and pure as mothers milk". 

After a slightly sinister yet-highly inventive rewording of an Abba favourite "When I Kissed The Teacher" here dark and balladic, Arlen and Mercer's 'I Had Myself A True Love' shows the torchy underside to Clyne's programme. Although sung in mezzo terrain here are shades of Barbara Cook, Lena Horne, Judy Garland. Hear her wail on the domestic confessional that is the middle section of this complex song. No shrinking violet, Clynes belts the 'done her wrong', bending and blue noting where appropriate. Daniela Clynes closes this collection with Sondheim's jaded (yet not totally defeated) 'There Won't Be Trumpets'. Just enough drama, then the swing kicks in. A fitting dénoument (Peter Churchill leads this quintet) to a wonderfully inventive bag of goodies. This CD introduction to Daniela Clynes marks her as a singer of clarity and soul, refusing to rally the standards, rather than to flag down the unexpected corners of the popular song, yet retaining a jazz - cabaret sensibility. 

Ian Shaw.

green gradient.jpg


Album Cover jpg.jpg

“Gentle Persuasion” (2004)

Daniela’s first studio album, recorded in the UK and in NYC.

album cover.jpeg

“Live at the Pizza On The Park” (2001)

Recorded over several dates at London’s much missed top jazz cabaret venue.

the shout1.jpeg

The Shout - “On Arrival” (2000)

Debut album of Orlando Gough’s vocal group, The Shout, which Daniela was a founding member of.



Daniela Clynes has over 25yrs experience as a teacher of: singing technique, song interpretation, music theory, jazz improvisation, songwriting & performance; both in the UK and in New York while resident there.

She regularly gives private one-to-one singing lessons from her music studio in South West London.

Daniela writes:

“My route to developing a lifelong good, strong and healthy vocal technique grew out of a combination of strong influences and lessons in my youth.

My mother, Nelly Ben-Or, is a leading Alexander Technique teacher (and pianist); I had many lessons of this method for good use of the body, free of unnecessary tensions, throughout my childhood and well into adulthood. Some of the Alexander Technique work specifically helps to free one’s voice, gently connecting it to the diaphragm… using the so called ‘whispered aah’.

I then had many lessons in voice production for acting and dialect speech patterns. These studies added to my understanding of the intricacies of how our bodies create words and sounds - including song lyrics.

I spent two years having private singing lessons prior to going to the Guildhall School of Music where I won a scholarship to study on the Advanced Jazz Course. After leaving music college I found the teacher who I feel truly ‘gave me my voice’, by putting all the previous lessons learned together and guiding me skilfully to develop a solid singing technique. My teacher was Anne Wood, who had a reputation as one of the very finest singers of her style and generation, and a hugely respected teacher.

I use elements of all the variety of concepts, skills and methods I studied for years in my own teaching. I try to make the learning simple, straight forward and fun. I don’t believe in over complicating things, or in giving students things to worry about in their voice. I like to instil confidence and freedom, to help to expand the student’s vocal range somewhat; and to build on their positive natural instincts about singing.”

Daniela is currently teaching undergraduate bands and singers at LCCM (London College of Creative Media); where she has developed and now leads various modules for the BMus and Cert HE courses.


Facebook post by London College of Creative Media (LCCM) - 8/3/19

Facebook post by London College of Creative Media (LCCM) - 8/3/19

Daniela has previously taught at many universities, colleges and schools, including the following:

Brit School, The City Lit, Brunel University, Goldsmiths College, Thames Valley University, Colchester Institute, Islington & City Sixth Form College, WAC Arts, EC1 Music Project, Richmond Adult Community College, The Roche School.



Daniela in the studio with Kevin Devine, working on his forthcoming album. (2018)

Daniela in the studio with Kevin Devine, working on his forthcoming album. (2018)


Kevin Devine has been taking private one-to-one singing lessons regularly for several years. He has been working on songs for an album of his own new compositions which he is in the process of recording at present.

"Daniela is a fantastic Singing Coach. Her patience and unrivalled knowledge of the craft of singing is second to none. I found Daniela after going through a throat operation and she has completely rebuilt my voice from the ground up, by helping me eliminate bad habits and adopting rock solid proper technique. She has also helped me with song choices, given me advice about the business and inspires me to reach for my dreams."

Kevin Devine Singer, TV and Radio Presenter 



Celia Berk studied with Daniela in New York, during Daniela’s residency there; she has gone on to forge a very successful singing career in NYC and beyond. Celia has earned nominations for various awards, including Broadway World Awards in January 2018.

“I was fortunate to work with Daniela at the exact moment when I was considering a return to public performing.  I learned a lot from her approach and was grateful for her encouragement.  In fact, she was the person who pushed me towards my first open mic experience in a club with great jazz musicians.  Her sensibility and insights into jazz singing remain with me to this day.”

Celia Berk


Celia Berk’s new album, “Manhattan Serenade”

Celia Berk’s new album, “Manhattan Serenade”

Daniela with Annabel Bowman (Jan. 2019)

Daniela with Annabel Bowman (Jan. 2019)

To book a private singing lesson, or discuss what you are hoping to develop through taking lessons, please contact Daniela by email: daniela@danielaclynes.com


Annabel Bowman had trained in the performing arts during her teenage years and into her twenties, before working in other fields. She began taking lessons with Daniela a few years ago as a gradual move back into singing. After Daniela took Annabel into the studio to make her first demo recording of songs, she now rehearses and performs regularly with a multi-style choir across London.

“Daniela is such an inspiring teacher. I am always nourished by her lessons and can’t wait to go back every week.”

Annabel Bowman



To make a booking, for more information, or to add yourself to Daniela’s mailing list please email: